Bulgari Hotel

They will open a 5-star hotel in the Parisian golden triangle

The Italian jeweller Bulgari announces the opening, at the end of 2019 – 2020, of a hotel in the Golden Triangle, its eighth in the world. A 5-star hotel that aims to become an essential part of the capital.

The group has set its sights on an existing building, only the structure of which will be preserved.

“We will completely recreate the space to apply our concept and give the facade the Bulgari signature,” says the CEO, proud of the project. We will make it the other Italian embassy in Paris, combining Parisian hospitality and Italian hospitality.”

The 5-star hotel will have 76 rooms, most of which will be large suites – all of a respectable size: 55 m2 for the rooms, almost double the size of the suites -, a 1,300 m2 spa and a 25 m long swimming pool, making it the largest pool in a hotel. As in the other establishments, the restaurant will be entrusted to Niko Romito, a famous chef who heads a 3-star restaurant in Abruzzo.






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Source & photos Catherine Saint-Jean  |  Le  09 mars 2018 :http://madame.lefigaro.fr/deco-design/bulgari-ouvrira-un-hotel-5-etoiles-dans-triangle-dor-parisien-avenue-george-v-090318-147754

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