Paris Trade Exchange

It’s going to be museum housing the Pinault Art Collection

The Paris Trade Exchange renovation project is an 18-month project that will transform the former 19th-century Halle au Blé (corn exchange) into a contemporary art museum, blending cultural heritage and modernity.

By 2019, it will become one of the city’s newest attraction — a contemporary art museum housing the Pinault Collection in Paris. The museum was designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, and will comprise six exhibition spaces, an auditorium, a restaurant with a panoramic view, a VIP lounge, offices and spaces for educational workshops.

A new gastronomic address

In terms of restaurant, Chef Michel Bras will be in charged of the kitchen of the establishment located in this new cultural venue. “Michel Bras and I have in common the love of an art of our time and the taste for its most sincere and radical expressions, as well as a commitment to our roots,” emphasizes François Pinault.







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