Omer Restaurant

Opening of the new table of chef Alain Ducasse in Monaco

Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel is a cloudless oasis where chef Paolo Sari offers a 100% organic aerial and tasty cuisine at the table of the Elsa restaurant.

In the heart of the luxurious Hotel de Paris, the latest renovation work has changed a lot of things in the organization. Especially with all the new restaurants that has beed revealed. The new table of the Principality’s most emblematic chef.

Ômer has been created from scratch for this site. It will be an ode to the Mediterranean, not only the Riviera, not only the whole basin of this sea that has always inspired the chef Ducasse; This time the cuisine will extend from Lebanon to Spain, from Greece to Morocco, without forgetting Italy, Corsica, Sardinia,…

“Ômer will embrace the whole Mediterranean, with its tastes, flavors, aromas, spices and colors. »

It combines dishes inspired by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine (from Andalusia to Lebanon, from the Tunisian coasts to the Gulf of Genoa) with a case of wood, light leather and brushed bronze, redesigned by Pierre-Yves Rochon, which unfolds in a rotunda, and in the center of which the Cercle du vin welcomes wine lovers for an oenological experience.

In particular, there are rare vintages made from native grape varieties from the Mediterranean producing regions: the Aegean Sea, the slopes of Mount Bargylus (in the hinterland of the Syrian port of Lattakia), Galileo, Cap Bon, the Saïss plateau (around Meknes), the Balearic Islands, Murcia, Andalusia, Liguria, Campania, Sicily, Sardinia, Dalmatia…






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