Anne Sophie Pic – La Maison PIC

Valencia is the birthplace of the Pic family. The family home has been located there since 1936 and now houses the Anne-Sophie Pic restaurant, a three-star Michelin restaurant, a five-star hotel and the André restaurant.
From the outside, there is nothing to suggest the experience that guests are invited to experience as soon as they walk through the door.

From the reception, the magic of the place operates and takes shape in a long window presenting all the editions of the Michelin Guide since its first publication in 1900.

The tone is given, here we are in a temple of gastronomy but uninhibited gastronomy that plays borders. Moreover, the salons have been conceived as a huge common and convivial living space, resolutely open, an eclectic space where a contemporary style and references to the past meet. Because the meeting is at the heart of Anne-Sophie Pic’s universe: a meeting between flavours, with products and those that make them exist, with emotions, with other creative worlds. It is from these encounters that his creativity feeds. These salons are the expression of what the welcome for Anne-Sophie Pic is: discreet and considerate, warm and simple.

Then we arrive in the den of the place, the heart of the house – the gourmet restaurant Anne-Sophie Pic – through a long corridor where the eye is plunged into both the family history and the present of the Chef in the kitchen. This corridor is like anticipation to the taste emotion to come. The room that offers itself to the gaze is organized around a magnificent Baccarat crystal chandelier which delimits three spaces lit by large bay windows overlooking the gardens. Three moods but the same thread: codes very feminine colours grey and powdery pink, details reminiscent of the history of the house, Japan to which the Chef is very attached, the presence of the plant, a felted and sober design of refinement.

The rooms are an invitation to laziness. Elegance is expressed here in the purity and choice of materials of excellence, leather, rosewood, silver leaf screens, silk carpets. All facing the gardens, they protect guests from the outside world to create an enchanted parenthesis.

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Source & photos : presentation of the Anne-Sophie pic companies

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