Vintage F1 driving school

The world’s first historical vintage F1 driving school, to bring back to life the sensations of legendary pilots such as Jackie Stewart and Jim Clark. Slip your guests into the shoes of a great Formula 1 driver from the 60s. a most legendary automobile circuit, nestled in the heart of the mountain, dubbed by many legendary pilots.

An activity that will leave your guests speechless.

A unique vintage atmosphere and venue in the world, between vintage combinations and Chesterfield sofas, allowing you to create a real time machine.

Close to Clermont-Ferrand, this legendary circuit is ideal and allows a real journey back in time. That is why they have chosen to set up their historical piloting school there. Charade is a complete and varied route: long, hilly, winding.

This is a perfect activity or tour for amateurs and insiders

Total immersion

Let’s immerse your guests in the atmosphere of the sixties, let them get caught up in the game and live their day to the fullest.
Each apprentice pilot is given a complete retro suit in a designated locker. In vintage and top-of-the-range spirit, shoes are made of leather, the clothes are light, the gloves are made of suede. Thus dressed, they will slip into shoes of a real Gentleman Driver

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Source & photos : presentation Og the F1 vintage

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