About us

Nadia : I started in the Travel industry by joining a major French chains of luxury hotels. I spent 5 years working my way up to Director of Sales. Then, I joined one of the leading Destination Management Companies at the time. Initially my skills were concentrated in the Operations and Logistic department. Later I moved to the Sales Department bringing my valuable experience from On-site management. As Director of Sales, I was responsible of all RFP’s.  I also was responsible for developing partnerships. My Leitmotiv : “Everything is possible”

Imane : After spending 6 years in the Hotel and Hospitality industries, I also joined a leading Destination Management Company as Director of Marketing at the headquarter.  My mission was to measure the performance of the company at an European and International level then to determine a better strategy of Marketing and Sales expenditures. I introduced new branding & communication trends geared towards the corporate market. My Leitmotiv : “Live with passion”


After having worked many year in this industry, we thirsting for a “new challenge” : create our own company.  Since 2008, IN CORP has 6 full time people : 4 in Paris and 2 in the Riviera – plus a team of 36 part time staff plus 18 part time staff in Monaco & Cannes – operated programs for some of the largest North Americans, Uk and French companies. 

Our aim is to provide unique products and services, to create unforgettable events and incentive programs, to ensure events run smoothly and above all stress-free.

Our priority : Truly impact your moments by full focus and attention to detail.

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