Events Agency.

IN CORP  Paris brings years of experience and expertise in organising creative, special programmes.

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Is there real added value in using an agency?

YES – because the agency:
– is a master of their destination from A to Z: they are the experts!
– has experience of all service providers in its area and, thus, only works with those who are reliable and creditworthy
– offers you contact with established providers and ensures access to negotiated rates
– is au fait with new product innovations
– simplifies the organisation of your event by having a single point of contact
– forges special and transparent relationships with all stakeholders
– offers flexibility in creating your event from your specifications or simply by your choice of destination
– contructs your event like a perfect mosaic of all the necessary services and facilities

– Our events agency allows you to make substantial savings by using our relationships and our network
– Quality service always on the cards
– Our event agency works with complete transparency
– A response time of under 24 hours
– Our event agency assists with your big and small events alike
– A confidentially of service befitting your company.

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