It’s all about analyzing your needs, goals, budget, the length of your event and the number of participants.

A meeting or seminar is mentioned when the number of participants is small, and a conference, convention or symposium is mentioned when the number is high.

The “scale” aspect of an event in terms of impact and image is part of the budget invested and will make us imagine together a large or a small professional event.

Whatever it is (meeting, seminar, conference, convention or symposium) and whatever the place chosen, the important thing is the content that our team, specialist of the event, will develop this with you.


We have an advisory role and above all listening. The IN CORP team is here to join you in:
– the organization of your events without any interference on your part in your final decisions
– the choice of a panel of the best destinations and services based on our suggestions- the perfect orchestration of your event with professionals handpicked
– analysis and optimization of your budget.

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